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Obviously, the porn industry is changing, and with it, so are its users. Before people used to love movies that involved lovers, or cheating, or fucking the pool boy, but now, people are into mommies, daddies, sisters, brothers, cousins... Fucked up, right? Well, you probably don't think so. Well, since I want to cater to your wishes and fulfill your hopes and dreams, I will write about this fabulous site called and y'all better listen to me!
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The content is in high quality and downloadable, so the location of beating your meat will not be a problem. It will be a problem if you take a risk and your boss catches you tho, so one advice from me - always destroy your rod in the comfort of your own home. Now, what you're most interested in are the videos. Before you pay for this site, you can only see a preview that lasts around two minutes, and during that time you can correctly see for yourself what kind of content is produced here, what kind of angles are favorite, what models are affiliated with this site, and what not. You know, all the essential stuff. Now that I got that out of my way, I'll make you happy and tell you that the site is also stocked on picture galleries, which again, you can't access without paying, so you only get a thumbnail which seems like something you have been dreaming about your whole life, so naturally, it's going to make you curious and make you want to pay and check out more. The pictures are usually taken during the process of destroying the girl's holes for life, or before that, while they are still clean and the images can look presentable and amazing for their audience. You can also see the full list of models, which includes teens, young adults and MILF's, and they all look beautiful and fantastic set of boobs and lovely tight little holes, just waiting to be pumped. I think that is all you need to know for now, so I'm going to set myself free and start rambling about the memberships. Now, you have three different kinds differing in time. The first one is the one month membership, which is $29, and considering that the site has 46 videos at the moment, is a decent time for checking out the full content, but if you're interested in having just a little bit more time, you can purchase the four months one for $85, which will give you even more time and let you relax while you have your private session. The one that I have a problem with though is the full year membership, which for me is kind of like robbing their customers. Dude, you expect me to pay $199 for forty-six videos? No, no.


Navigation is so simple, and that's a good thing. You have like four different buttons that take you to where you want to be without any delays or without it taking some significant time to load, so that's cool.


No extras, which is also a terrible thing, because the site doesn't compensate for it in the content quantity.


In conclusion, the site is impressive, and the content that they gathered by now is fresh, but if the site grew just a little bit more, then they could justify the prices and the fact that you get no extras. Until that, the only recommendation that I can give you is the first two membership options! Sorry, Nubiles!